Sam Perez

Apr 26, 2021

3 min read

Logo Redesign

Assignment: Choose a logo and come up with three different iterations using Adobe Illustrator.


I chose to redesign the Arthritis Foundation’s logo. The foundation aims to support people living with arthritis through encouraging a healthy lifestyle and partnership with sponsors and medical providers. I was diagnosed with arthritis in 2013 and am a volunteer for the foundation and I have always thought their logo could be tweaked. The original logo depicts a person in movement, presumably to show an “active lifestyle,” and the shape is reminiscent of an A.

For my first iteration, I wanted to closely mimic the original logo. I thought the slanted A was a little bit of a reach, so I wanted to do an upright symbol that was symmetrical where the figure was more noticeable. Focusing on purpose, I wanted the audience to immediately recognize the white shape as a person. The movement is more up and down as opposed to lateral, which I think draws more attention to the logo instead of the wording. I personally like the symmetry that’s created with aligning everything in the center.

The second iteration shows a hand in a letter A, which is more recognizable as a letter at first glance. The intent would be to use the “full logo” as a header on a website, for example, while simply the A shape would be used as a square logo to brand smaller spaces. The message behind the hand can vary; it can represent rheumatoid arthritis in joints (like my condition), it can be a handprint of a child or adult with arthritis, or it can symbolize the helping hand of a doctor or sponsor.

Lastly, the third iteration is an A at first glance. Upon further inspection, the audience can see it is hands clasped together as if two people are holding hands to symbolize community support. This idea I got from similar organizations tied to medical conditions.

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Originally published on September 10, 2020