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Courtesy of WKYT-TV


Interactive Map:


For this assignment I created two design elements that work together. With the holidays coming up, many Americans are getting tested for COVID-19 before visiting family. I determined it would be newsworthy and timely to create visual elements to indicate testing locations for Athens residents. My goal was to create a…



TV Graphic:


For this project, I chose an article I wrote last semester for The Red & Black because I thought the idea of a glitching graphic would be eye-catching and would fit well with the theme of technical difficulties. I decided to use that for social media graphics because a “glitch” can easily be done using a GIF. …


For the infographic I knew I wanted to place emphasis in two areas: Clarke County specifically and the state of Georgia as a whole. Originally I only wanted to focus on Clarke County to keep it local and very specific, however I ended up making an infographic to contextualize the data and look at it on a larger scale by comparing all the counties in Georgia. I chose red as the key color, which contrasted well with a white background. I…

The original logo

Courtesy of Athens Georgia Kiwanis

Sam Perez

UGA Journalism and Spanish Major |

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